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NEW Zika Aedes Mosquito larvae removal tool

Zika epidemic in Singapore 2016 is highlighting the importance of mosquito prevention and control in a sustainable manner.

With fogging becoming a common sight along the streets, and numbers of Zika-infected rising, there are needs for more effective solutions to target not just adult mosquitoes but their young larvaes as well.

There are many concerns to constant fogging that makes complementary hygiene solutions an urgent need immediately. Firstly, fogging is at low pesticide concentrations of which massive use has resulted in resistance amongst the mosquitoes which managed to survive.

Secondly, fogging only target the adult mosquitoes, with no effect on their young larvae at all, making it incomplete in total management.

Thirdly, fogging leaves a trail of pesticide residues which over long term will pollute and leach into the natural drainage or simply invisibly coat the indoor surfaces, potentially exposing these chemicals to young children or pets at home.

At Hygiene Asia, we now give you the completely safe answer to your mosquito worries: cleanLAB EZ Grip

cleanLAB EZ Grip is a newly innovated dispenser designed to fit in standard rinsing hoses and the powerful, larvae-destroying jet of hypochlorous acid which comes through with a turn of the hosing tap, marries daily hygiene operations and mosquito larvae control in one single step.

Hypochlorous acid produced from our patented Hypochlor tablets designed to fit only within CleanLAB EZ Grip, has a long track record and scientific-based evidences in destroying mosquito larvaes.  As cleanLAB proprietary Hypochlor tablets are made to dosed effectively within CleanLAB EZ Grip, it is a perfect tool for add-ons to usual plant irrigation or cleaning operations without having to worry over staff training, inappropriate dosing and workers' health.


Will daily use affect plants health or leave toxic residues harmful to humans?

Certainly not. cleanLAB Hypochlor tablets have proven to improve plant health due to its calcium residues, an added  advantage which has taken landscapists and golf green owners by surprise.

As for residue-effects on humans, Hypochlor is one of the safest ingredient with long track record in food processing industries. Calcium hpochlorite in Hypochlor is one of the only dry oxidizing agents approved for direct meat contact without tolerance limit to residues under U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.


How and when to use cleanLAB EZ Grip for mosquito larvae control?

cleanLAB EZ Grip can be used anytime and anywhere to fit in with the rinsing or irrigation process. For example, during daily water irrigation via hose of the garden, additional time can be spent to rinse the drains to remove larvaes stagnant in drains.

As the water which comes through cleanLAB EZ Grip dispenser becomes empowered with larvae-destroying effect, the unique active method together with kinetic energy from the moving water, results in quick action in minutes, and does not in anyway delay irrigation process!

We have returning clients from households, childcare centres, gardens and factories.



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to zap away these mosquito larvaes with cleanLAB EZ Grip.