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克靈消毒系列TM  EZGRIP握柄型加氯器極易使用,清潔人員只需簡單地對準室外遊樂場或兒童廁所,就可噴灑消毒劑並就完成消毒程序。

在飲食衛生方面,克靈消毒系列TM FRESHWAY適用於在準備烹調前為所有兒童餐具、廚具、蔬果和肉類進行消毒。

至於室內的硬質表面,則可使用克靈消毒系列TM FRESHWAY噴霧劑來進行消毒,特別是在手足口症事件發生時,此消毒方式尤其奏效。




  • "The first thing that caught my interest was how easy it appeared to be to use the CLEANLAB EZ GRIP, and it has proven to be so. There is now a noticeable difference in our toilets, it has eliminated distinctive odours and a quick wash helps to eradicate any trace when needed. Washing toys is now also efficient and time saving. After washing off dirt, we just rinse with the solution. Also, May has been a tremendous help with her knowledge and has given practicable advice on what is really effective in different products. We are convinced that CleanLab is the right products for our needs."
    Wendy The Preparatory Place
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