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Flood Relief Emergency Water Solutions

Everyday since the beginning of civilization, people have researched into ways to provide sustainable clean drinking water. Without an easy, renewable source of sanitized potable water, mankind will have difficulty surviving as our human bodies are made of 70% water. Infection from water borne diseases is the greatest threat to mortality in humans, and scientists have busied themselves over the topic of quality water hygiene persistently with development of new technologies.

In rural areas especially, raw water of high turbidity shields pathogens from ordinary disinfectants and filtration methods.

Water treatment solutions become much more challenging when natural disasters like floods, typhoons and earthquakes or tsunamis strike.  In an instant, treated water supplies may be cut off, main roads destroyed making isolated clusters of critically injured natives without life-saving clean water resource.  As a flood relief option, cleanLAB™ WATERMAKER has one of the longest track records of usage with international groups like Unicef, Red Cross amongst many other relief missions.

With 45 years of  leading experience in making potable water, cleanLAB technologies is proud to establish cleanLAB™ WATERMAKER as the answer to the need for easy to install, quick way of making quality drinking water from the most organic, untreated source of water common in many developing countries. 

Why is cleanLABTM WATERMAKER so practical and robust in design?

cleanLABTM WATERMAKER answers challenging turbid raw water with a patented, high-speed clarifier component. Its highly researched formula has proven a successful track performance across the broadest spectrum of water types and supercede all similar technologies with its extremely efficient use of chemical per litre, making it the most practical option for daily producing of potable water.

Water quality innovation is a world wide platform and cleanLABTM WATERMAKER has managed to maintained its top position over other water treatment systems for over 20 years. The clear reasons for this exceptional international acceptance are identified by the challenging needs for this basic survival life ingredient:

SIMPLE : In water making, simplicity is prized as then the system can be easily understood and implemented across all geographies, education levels and accepted into everyday lives.

EASY TO INSTALL : Technologies biggest bane have always been implementation. cleanLAB™ water sanitation technologies focus on this fitness for use systems, making sure that installation is not the job of experts, but by anyone who wants to use the product. 

VERSATILE : The strong winning point of cleanLAB™ water disinfection systems lie in the flexibility of our systems to create quality drinking water from any source or condition of the raw water. It is the easy fit in different situations which make cleanLABTM WATERMAKER stand out over its competitors.

In making safe drinking water, there is only 1 system in the world to rely on - cleanLABTM WATERMAKER.