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Public Environmental Hygiene

Cleaning public areas in a practical and effective way has long been a major challenge to janitors and cleaning contractors. Winning a long term cleaning contract requires the contractor to have effective toilet disinfectants capable of rapid cleaning, sanitizing and ability to cover big areas in a short time. The safety profile of the chemicals in the toilet disinfectants must be carefully considered in view of the daily exposures to the cleaners and possible risks to public health.

cleanLAB™ disinfectant solutions marry the need for effective, convenient sanitizing work with speed, showing optimal disinfecting results of broad spectrum microbial kill in just 1 minute of a quick hosing down. Conveniently designed to fit into ¾ hoses, cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP with its unique engineered tablet holding compartment makes toilet cleaning as simple as everyday rinsing and achieving top quality toilet hygiene that will otherwise need multiple steps to complete. Minimal training is required of the cleaners or anyone using cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP for the first time as there is no dilution needed, cleaners do not come into contact with the Hypochlor tablet at any point of use and other than unclicking away the dispenser at the end of the washing routine, there is no additional step to existing cleaning procedures.


Practical, low cost solution for toilet disinfecting

The best part about this is that cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP is like a “mini equipment” which costs just a pin in the ocean compared to other common cleaning equipment like scrubbers and help cleaners accomplish their cleaning tasks in a fraction of their usual time spent. Adopting cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP immediately improves contractor labour training and HR issues, enables contractor to fulfil stringent requirements of school or food facility projects and in the longer term, brings down the use of other chemicals needed.

cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP is a new answer to the need for an easy practical toilet disinfectant solution in large public areas.


What does this mean to the public user?

With an easy to use sanitizer tool like cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP, public users can enjoy sanitized toilets which smell fresh and with consistent good pest control all year round. With high performing sanitized toilets, shopping mall facility managers, condominium estate managers, public transport facilities officers will face less daily operational troubles of complaints from the public and reduce the risk of public health epidemic for highly infectious community diseases like Hand, Foot and Mouth diseases or common viral influenza.

Good sanitizing of frequently used toilets will also increase entire productivity of the society as community diseases will be minimized. cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP is the fastest way to quick, safe disinfection and will be best applied if specified as a sanitizing tool in all contracts concerning schools, nursing homes, hospitals, transport companies and restaurants.


Bin Centre Hygiene

Our cleanLAB™ disinfectant solutions have created a first in managing rubbish bin centre odour in an “organic” manner. Most products used for odour management are in the form of masking agents, which simply use another fragrance to cover up the less favoured smell and do nothing to remove the source of odour.

Due to the high loads of waste concentrated in the bin centres in all buildings, there are few industrial methods capable of lowering bacterial load and reducing odours efficiently in a daily manner. cleanLAB™ new mobile disinfectant technology with INLINE or EZ Grip dispensers are able to achieve the unprecedented performance consistently and practically in the biggest hygiene challenge area of rubbish bin centres.


How cleanLAB™ disinfectant solutions achieve consistent sanitizing in bin centres lie in their patented researched dispensing technology to continuously produce highly effective, yet safe hypochlorous acid.

By fixing an cleanLAB™ INLINE to the existing water pipes, an automated sprinkler system can be set up to fully control the continuous sanitation of bin centres without any man power needed!

cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP provides the mobility factor by easily connecting to any hose for final rinse down and reduction in rubbish odour.


Used on a regular basis, pest control will be optimized as cleanLAB™ disinfectant solution for active hypochlorous acid is one of the few chemicals able to effectively remove protein biofilm, an invisible accumulation of protein layers, known for harbouring resistant germs and attracting pests.

One of the greatest but overlooked advantage of cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP is its non-corrosive property. The active hypochlorous acid solution that is produced is pH neutral, unlike bleach or other liquid disinfectants (even the natural types) which are usually highly alkaline or acidic. The biggest concern for any property manager is the maintenance needs of the fixtures, tiles and overall look. Corrosion from daily use of common disinfectants like bleach and others will cause a new building to age rapidly and the consequent costs of maintenance get driven up undeservingly! Therefore, cleanLAB™ EZ GRIP is the ultimate disinfectant “equipment” that all facility managers should invest in.