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Poultry and Fish Processing


Meat and seafood processing plants all need consistent high performing sanitation processes at HACCPs. It is common for poultry processing facilities to use a mixture of chlorine gas and bleach to sanitize their equipment and raw meat directly as chlorine is the only group of disinfectants recognized by United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization as the most effective chemical against all common environmental microorganisms.

What makes cleanLAB™ technology a head above the rest lies in our researched dispensing systems fitted with proprietary Hypochlor® tablet, which makes it the only system that can ensure complete disinfection on the spot without traditional concerns on degradation of liquid bottled disinfectants or dosing mistakes. 

For seafood and raw meat facilities, odour control is key to ensuring workers’ productivity and limiting pests’ problems like flies and insects. Hygiene in abattoirs and processing plants is extremely difficult to achieve, and requires specialized application of sanitation compounds at key points in the slaughtering process.

Blood and protein waste forms a resistant biofilm on the surface of meat and carcasses, and it is impossible to sanitize effectively unless this biofilm is destroyed.

Sanitizers such as chlorine gas and liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) are either unable to deliver the right type of chlorine compound at the right time, at the right place, or create difficulties for the user in terms storage, mixing and monitoring of application apparatus. 

Designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene required that of food processing facilities are our cleanLABTM disinfection systems which come in unique, patented range of “custom” chlorination techniques that include bulk generators as well as hand-held, INLINE dispensers that can be fully integrated throughout the food processing plant.

High tech and yet practical, cleanLABTM   EZ Grip can produce direct meat and vegetable sanitizing rinse from the hose, improving rinsing work to a higher level of hygiene without extra work. Matching first-class outcome with user friendly features instantly make the entire facility world class without the risk of heavy machinery investment and training costs. 

cleanLABTM FRESHWAY granules is specially useful when a particular process is not sited near a water pipe, and the granules can be used to mix into buckets of water or in spray dispensing bottles to be used in manual soaking techniques or manual spraying of the seafood. Uniquely formulated to stabilize resulting disinfectant liquid for up to 3 hours, cleanLABTM FRESHWAY granules is a must-have in all food processing facilities for simple sanitizing of food parts to chopping tables, knives and smaller items.

cleanLABTM Compact INLINE is a smaller version of cleanLABTM INLINEserving the needs for smaller volume disinfecting processes at Clean-In-Place processing points with the Hypochlor systems. Each Hypochlor tablet in our cleanLABTM Compact INLINE can make up to 5000 litres of 750 MeV ORP powerful food grade oxidizing liquid.


cleanLABTM INLINE has been used for incoming water lines, key production points as well as satellite processes such as crate wash and refuse areas. Each Hypochlor systems cartridge in our cleanLABTM Compact INLINE can make up to 70000 to 100,000 litres of 750 MeV ORP powerful food grade oxidizing liquid.

From grower to processing plant to retail, cleanLABTM water treatment systems give you complete hygiene in your hands.



Even when proper hygiene standards are maintained at processing plants, meat is usually re-infected with spoilage organisms by the time it reaches the retail butcher, delicatessen or fish counter.

Disinfection of meat portions at retail level results in dramatic improvement in both shelf life and presentation due to the control of spoilage bacteria.  For this specific purpose, we have developed a cleanLABTM FRESHWAY which allows the retailer to disinfect product, improve shelf life, and practice effective environmental hygiene with the same technology.

cleanLABTM EZGRIP is great for repacking or cleaning of meat for supermarket customers to bring home. Customers will flock back to buy larger amounts of meat as they feel the difference in shelf lives of their meat purchases and the safer food assurance from the use of cleanLABTM systems.