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Hygiene Asia participates in Global Water Conference 17-18 August 2016

In view of the cleanLAB new innovation of EZ grip dispenser technology, Hygiene Asia decided to leap into Myanmar to increase awareness of the availability of easy to use, portable sanitation for almost all situations, from households to factories.

It was an eventful week at Yangon, Sule Shangrila where the Global Water Conference was held with key ministers convening to share their developments in water security and developments with other countries.


We had the exciting opportunity to share how our cleanLAB Singapore branded range of portable disinfecting systems can be applied easily to rural villages to create large volumes of safe drinking water or food processing water in agricultural farms.


There was high level of interest shown amongst Myanmese officials. We met Director General of Directorate of Water Resources Improvement River Systems, Ministry of Transport and Communications as well as the Chief Minister of Yangon, Mayor of Yangon, and Director General of Ministry and Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation amongst many others key stake holders.


 This test result of 725mv shows that cleanLAB EZ Grip is able to create microbe destroying jet of water with Myanmar water supply (performed in hotel).




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