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CleanLAB scoops first place in The Innovation Hub in Association with British Airways and Avios

A Foodsafe Disinfectant developed by CleanLAB took the first place prize at The Innovation Hub at Gulfood 2016.

The product is designed to “change the way F&B industry works to maintain high quality active disinfecting”. The pitch, delivered by Joyce Lau, director of Apprize Trading LLC, explained that many methods of microbial control have been introduced to the market over the past decade, yet chlorination remained dominant in the global industry and is resurgent for its un-contested effectiveness in broad-spectrum microbial elimination.

The CleanLAB range of products has potential to be used in kitchens, restaurants guest rooms and back of house (see box).

CleanLAB was one of five entries shortlisted for the live pitch, where F&B entrepreneurs put forward their ideas to innovate the food industry. The pitches took place on the first day of the Gulfood Conference, as part of The F&B Business Forum, produced by BNC Publishing. The other entries were: Eco Burner, Golden Irish, TSI and Canadian University.

All the entries were judges by: Anjulika Dutton, sales manager UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Central Asia for British Airways; Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, executive director of Dubai Science Park; Samer S. Hamadeh and Ziad Kamel, co-founders and managing partners of Aegis Hospitality; and Nicholas Couvaras, MD, KROMA.
“New grassroots initiatives such as The Innovation Hub will further encourage growing UAE businesses to implement creative concepts that will make an impact in the industry and I have been impressed with the diversity of ideas presented,” said Anjulika.
“Our own research tells us that UAE start-ups and pioneers still benefit from face-to-face meetings to secure business deals internationally and British Airways will continue to offer SMEs and entrepreneurs such as CleanLAB with affordable and manageable travel options.”

CleanLAB won two Club World Business Class return tickets to London with British Airways, 1000,000 Avios rewards and an official Gulfood Award at the ceremony held February 21.


CleanLAB in the Kitchen

In-line Dispenser: for piped constant chlorinated water at the turn of tap to address all sanitising needs of food, cooking utensils and equipment.

EZ Grip Dispenser: the portable hand-held mobility allows for use in parts of the kitchen where the piped water system may not be serving.

Freshway: for on-the-job, food disinfecting, bacteria count reduction and contact surface hygiene maintenance.

CleanLAB in Restaurants

Freshway: for surface contact wipe-down hygiene maintenance by waiters in serving space or buffets with fresh food display

Guest rooms and FoH

EZ Grip Dispenser: the portable hand-held mobility of this allows it for use with the housekeeping trolley, for disinfecting of bathroom, tubs, water-closets and vanity sinks, effective in removal of bio-film, mould and scum films.

Freshway: for use by hotel staff in lobby and reception areas

Hotel BoH

EZ Grip Dispenser: for use on all surfaced within the rooms and bulk bins, to remove residues, moulds, biofilm and odours.





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