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cleanLABTM is especially useful in hospital settings, where high grade disinfection is necessary for patient well-being and control of microbial resistance.

cleanLABTM is used to disinfect floors, fridges, corpses direct wash down in mortuaries, ambulances, canteens, central kitchens, toilets and inpatients wards.

cleanLABTM FRESHWAY will give all hospital central kitchens the added confidence that their food have been disinfected and food safety risks is minimized for their patients.

cleanLABTM FRESHWAY can be used as a spray for all hard to clean areas and left behind without the need to wash off as any residue is harmless and allowed for food contact.


“cleanLABTM INLINE system works wonders within minutes, all bacterial contamination and odours gone and our staff happy with the easy to use system.” Mortuary officer in largest hospital of Southwest Afri