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Gym Hygiene

Imagine weights clinking and exercise machine parts moving at high frequencies throughout the day in a gym facility? Add some drops of sweat and the perfect environment for micro-organisms growth is made!

Gym equipment needs high performing, non-corrosive disinfectant sprays for quick effective microbial control throughout the day as there are 2 major concerns to improper upkeep of hygiene in the gym facility.

  1. Disease spread from one user to another due to sickness or contaminated items.
  2. Quick corrosion of machinery due to growth of spoilage mico-organisms causing the pH of on the equipment to become acidic and speeding up corrosion processes of the moving parts.


Will over the counter hygiene wipes make the cut to minimize these 2 concerns?

Most disinfectant wipes or spray are alcohol based or pH extreme. The problems with alcohol based products are that alcohol does not kill all micro-organisms and may result in resistant bacteria or viruses being left behind. If the disinfectant used is pH extreme, meaning too acidic or alkaline as is often the case for any disinfectant to work their effects, corrosion will happen quickly as the frequency of use is high.

cleanLAB Freshway is your best solution to quick disinfection in between users in the form of granules, flexible for mixing into solution in a spray dispenser bottle to be used as a disinfectant spray or in a bucket to wipe down the gym equipment.


How different is cleanLAB Freshway from the other disinfectant sprays in the market?

cleanLAB Freshway is researched and newly formulated to answer the microbial fears of the new century and equipment maintenance issues.

It is the most effective non-corrosive formulation with superior properties:

  • Kills broad spectrum micro-organisms including hard to kill non-enveloped viruses which cause Hand Foot Mouth diseases and Tuberculosis mycobacterium.
  • Fast action of microbial kill in seconds and does not result in tolerance
  • pH neutral formulation and not just safe on the machines, but not harmful for the skin too due to its gentle formulation.
  • Flexible application – spray or soak, the granules allow a fresh active hypochlorous acid disinfectant solution to be made only at the point of use, solving decades long major issue of low active ingredient for the first time.

In a gym facility, equipment hygiene is not the only area of need for quality hygiene maintenance. The similarly important, area which does not receive the best sanitation treatment is the toilet. Heavily used by fitness members, a gym toilet is the hot pot for microbial growth from the heated bodies, sweaty moisture and bodily fluids.


How are most toilets being sanitized, if at all?   

Used on a twice daily basis, cleanLAB EZ Grip is your most economical choice to high quality sanitation, long term facility maintenance and practically risk free. One Hypochlor tablet is made to last from weeks to months depending on frequency of usage. Try cleanLAB EZ Grip for a stress free, hygiene tip-top Gym!

Easily fitted into standard hoses, this dispenser spray head takes away the headache of sanitizing by combining all steps in 1.

Use it as a rinse frequently without increasing labour requirement as now toilet cleaning can finish in 10 times the speed of usual cleaning.

Our Hypochlor combined with cleanLAB EZ Grip technology is the world's first answer to practical disinfection without capital investment in complicated machinery or monitoring systems.

The best part of it is, there will not be any implementation resistance from your cleaners as they do not need to know how to dose at all! Every part of cleanLAB EZ Grip has been designed to work seamlessly from automatic dosing to its safety aspect.

The enclosed transparent case makes sure that at no time, anyone is exposed to chemical dangers. Because of its neutral pH, the solution does not saponify with fats on the floor to cause slippery floors like most soaps and hence, do not need additional water for rinsing off.

The cleanLAB EZ Grip dispenser disinfectant spray mechanism is researched to only complement 45 years of proprietary pride in Hypcohlor® tablet, a specially made Calcium Hypochlorite formulae able to produce active microbe-killing jet of water directly from the hose with just a turn of the tap.

cleanLAB EZ Grip is a revolutionary disinfectant spray head tool which enables sanitizing to be completed without secondary movement by the cleaners!


How is it so simple and yet unique?

Sanitizing is an art few people are familiar with. Sanitation which is defined by making the environment free of dirt and germs, of which equates sanitizing to a further step to cleaning is a 2-step job. Even in the hygiene industry, few cleaners are able to strictly operate to this 2-step requirement because of time lack or simply are not up to the energy depleting process of mixing cleansing liquid, removing grease and then rinsing, to mixing sanitizing liquid in a bucket and repeating the process all over.