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Fruits and Vegetables

Interested in having fresher, cleaner and safer vegetables and fruits? There is more to a vegetable disinfectant than most packaging labels will lead us to believe.

Most people will think that using water to rinse organic residues off the store-bought vegetables and fruits is sufficient and adding salt or vinegar will more than complete the job of killing off nasty germs or chemicals from pesticides.

The current market place is no longer like the traditional days where fresh produce goes directly from local farm to market place. Nowadays, high density farming has made chemical fertilizers and regular use of pesticides a mainstay in farming practices so as to sustain the long distribution period necessary for worldwide distribution. 

What this means for every household consumer is that whilst it is a privilege to be able to taste exotic plants, vegetable and fruits from the other side of the world, it is also a less published fact that on a daily average, people are consuming much more artificial chemicals, pesticides and environmental pollution germs from our food source.

Simple rinsing of fresh product with just plain water is Not Enough!

What is considered a good vegetable and fruit rinse you may ask?

Based on our expertise in food sanitizing products, we have listed the following priorities:

  • High safety profile is essential. This means the active ingredient be it chemical or natural has enough data statistics to show long term safety data used in rinsing application on fresh produce for humans.
  • Complete kill of a wide spectrum of microorganisms including effectiveness against common environmental bacteria like C. difficele species, non-enveloped viruses, yeasts, fungi and mould. What is the point of using a rinse which kills one but not the other?
  • Ability to neutralize fertilizer or pesticide chemicals. Most food grade fruit and vegetable washes can kill germs but not completely neutralize pesticides or they can do partial of each function. of course, some is better than none but still who wants to pay for insurance which excludes common incidents which happen all the time?

In most food processing technical recommendations, chlorine gas or bleach is recommended for washing vegetables and meat. This is because there has been no major development of a food safe disinfectant which satisfy the high standards stated above for food preparation. Hence, the recommendation is based on the lack of better choices available and traditional methods of chlorination applies.

What are the "side-effects" of using internationally recommended vegetable wash using bleach?

  • Chlorine gas or bleach destroy plant tissue and reduce shelf life and retail presentation of the produce.
  • Chlorine gas is acidic, and causes the outer wall called the epidermal cuticle of plants to break down.
  • Bleach also weakens the plant surface due to displacement of calcium in the cell wall.

cleanLABTM FRESHWAY food safe vegetable and fruit disinfectant is researched to overcome all negative effects of chlorine gas and bleach and at the same time, fulfilling the strict criteria of safety and microbial effectiveness stated by United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO).

Its active ingredient of Calcium Hypochlorite is the only oxidising agent approved for use by US FDA in post-agricultural washing and for use in direct raw meat and fish sanitizing without tolerance limits to residue amounts. There is no other ingredient with as much worldwide human consumption track record as this. Now, our researched food grade formulation in Freshway maximizes the effectiveness of microbial kill at the lowest concentration to make it the ideal every option for use in food preparation and food safety improvement.

cleanLABTM refill Hypochlor® tablets does not share any of these negative side effects and will promote effective sanitation without destroying plant tissue, resulting in improved shelf life and enhanced retail presentation.

cleanLABTM FRESHWAY INLINE and EZGRIP series is the perfect solution for disinfecting of fruits or vegetables in the factory packing facilities to improve shelf life, visible freshness and washes off pesticides at the same time. Suitable for use on organically produced food as well.