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Restaurants and Kitchens

Food grade kitchen cleaning products are essential for sanitation operations of the kitchen and restaurants facilities. 

Safe clean food, fresh smell, insect-free environment are the 3 challenges for all food establishments. Where any food preparation is done, there will be protein biofilm build-up which quickly leads to strong odours and pests problems.

Next is the food disposal challenge as all food wastes are usually disposed in a specified place and gives rise to a source of strong odours and attraction to pests.

Trash bins which harbour food scraps are difficult to manage and make the cleanest environment sanitation control issues.

And the biggest challenge remains that effective food safe restaurant and kitchen cleaning products are not commonly available. 

Incorporation of cleanLABTM system into the restaurant’s standard process of cleaning at all critical areas will solve all issues within a few days.

Easy to use and quick, cleanLAB systems are well embraced by cleaners and staffs.

In fact, cleanLABTM  food grade disinfectant products save their work in cleaning and disinfecting, one step of turning on the tap finishes their job. Either fix cleanLAB™ Compact INLINE directly onto the sink tap for rinsing of dishes or use via hose rinsing with cleanLAB™ EZ Grip. All our patented dispensers are fitted to make cleaning work as easy as it should be. The high safety profile means minimal interference to normal workflow and even No more mixing of liquid disinfectants, using ineffective mops or dirty wipes. This saves water since cleanLABTM  does not need a second rinsing off like most of other disinfectants!

cleanLAB™ FRESHWAY is a food safe kitchen cleaning product specially designed for easy spray and use directly in between preparing stages. Formulated to lower bacterial contamination at a lower concentration, the special sanitizing granules can be mixed into a fresh disinfectant liquid in a spray bottle and be used as a disinfectant spray to very conveniently for regular sanitizing of chopping boards, knives or counter top cleaning.

In particular to busy dining areas where cleaning time is limited, biofilm build up quickly and attract flies or insects. Flies are disturbing to the customers and bad for image. Other than spreading germs easily, customers get distracted and spend their dining experience waving off flies and not appreciating the unique flavours of their food. Let cleanLABTM  FRESHWAY restore the conducive dining experiences for your customers.

1 fly draws 900 flies, 1 cockcroach means there are 30 others nearby. Worry no more. cleanLABTM  food safe kitchen cleaning products FRESHWAY granules and FRESHWAY EZ GRIP will give you happy customers and with that, happy staffs all around.