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The cleanLABTM COMPACT Chlorine Dispenser is your solution to portable, simple, and safe chlorination. It dispenses a calcium hypochlorite solution with the use of the patented cleanLAB cartridge. This unique system can eliminate problems associated with the use of chlorine gas and liquid bleach.

The cleanLABTM COMPACT is an innovative system for continuous, controlled practical dosing of solid chlorine into water systems. Chlorine treatment of water is proven in its ability to kill disease causing organisms, as well as, remove odors, slime, algae growth and other contaminants.


How it works

cleanLABTM refill tablets and cartridges release a proprietary blend of highly active hypochlorous acid disinfectant and approved wetting agent in a powerful, microbe-destroying jet of water. Here are just a few of the benefits:
• Unlike Biocides (Qacs Etc), Organisms Don’t Develop Resistance/Tolerance
• Long Lasting
• Leaves No Harmful Residues
• No Batch-Mixing Of Chemicals
• Non-Corrosive
• Not Harmful To Plants & Grass


How to use

Easily installed, the cleanLABTM COMPACT connects to any standard hose for portable use. It provides an economical, safe and reliable means of water chlorination, making chlorine sanitation available to everyone.