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cleanLABTM 2000 is the new age solution to large-scale, massive yet safe disinfection via chlorination housed in a deceptively neat container the size of portable drum. It dispenses a calcium hypochlorite solution with the use of the patented cleanLAB cartridge. This unique system can eliminate problems associated with the use of chlorine gas and liquid bleach.

cleanLABTM 2000 is the newly improved version of cleanLAB 1000 available just this year of 2015. It is specially designed to improve disinfection of large facilities with ease of use and consistent performance as the top priorities for achieving total productivity value.

cleanLABTM 2000 generators are compatible with all highly soluble solids. End users that prefer not to use liquid acid for safety or other reasons have the options of dosing solid acid. It is made for wide spread industrial applications from mass drinking water chlorination to chlorination of water tank supply for the entire factory processes.


How it works


How to use

  • A full load of refills is 20kg - 21kg
  • Works with bulk ‘chips’, not refills, so packaging and freight is much cheaper.
  • It works by directly jetting incoming water onto the chips/tablets so it dissolves much more chlorine per hour than the 1000.
  • Very versatile: it has 3 separate storage vessels so it will work for very small users right up to quite large users.
  • Fill in 1, 2 or 3 vessels (or adjust the water flow).

Where to use