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Children Facilities

In preschool childcare and primary school settings, school management is always looking out for a good baby safe disinfectant product in the form of a spray sanitizer or soak for toys to manage daily hygiene as children are easily predisposed to infectious diseases due to their weak immunity.

Therefore, government guidelines in sanitation for children facilities are more stringent and often includes using Bleach as a disinfectant for its known effects on effective and wide microbial coverage.

In Singapore, most preschools are aware of the high infection rates caused by certain hard-to-kill viruses like Hand Foot Mouth Disease caused by the Enterovirus group which can also spread to adults and cause much inconveniences to both family and schools. Because of the hardy nature of the viruses, only virucidal disinfectants like Hypochlor® under the Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine group are more effective in removing and killing these viruses.

Other than childcare and schools, child facilities like indoor playgrounds, bouncy castles, baby gyms require disinfectants which perform effectively and has as high safety profile as possible. In the market, baby safe and child safe disinfectants which can be regularly used without increasing environment toxicity level are uncommon or very expensive.

Requiring minimal contact time for effective comprehensive microbial kill, cleanLABTM EZGRIP and FRESHWAY granules is the superior baby and child safe disinfectant spray product to provide safe, effective disinfection for all children facilities of hard surfaces and toys without electronic devices. The unique Hypochlor® tablet is encased within the cleanLABTM EZGRIP dispenser, making it extremely safe as any active liquid disinfectant produced from the dispenser is pH neutral, food grade and not harmful to plants and animals.

The only child safe disinfectant to be designed protected in a dispenser where even the operator does not come in touch with the chemical at any point of the cleaning process, cleanLABTM EZGRIP is extremely easy for cleaners to simply point and spray at the outdoor playgrounds or children toilets.

Where food is concerned, cleanLABTM FRESHWAY is ideal for sanitizing all childrens’ utensils, kitchen cooking ware, vegetables, fruits and meat before preparation for cooking.

For indoor hard surfaces, cleanLABTM FRESHWAY can be used as a spray to disinfect, especially to decontaminate during days when there are Hand Foot mouth disease incidents. Because the formulation is so safe, it can be used even with babies crawling around in the same room! This high safety profile for babies and even natural plants make this baby safe disinfectant the most practical solution for any busy infant care centre or indoor playground. School teachers can fully focus on their teaching and caring roles instead of getting distracted by operational necessities of keeping babies and kids away from the sanitized areas.

In terms of safety, cleanLABTM FRESHWAY is the cleaning product of choice that school management selects for the older age group of children in primary and secondary schools as they can safely use a proven disinfectant during school hours without risk of toxicity from chemical inhalation or liquid spills. This formulation is designed for safe effective cleaning as it is allowed for direct rinsing of vegetables and raw meats. 

cleanLABTM disinfectant products helps you to save on costs of buying expensive disinfectant chemicals, save water and efforts of cleaning by the cleaners and teachers.

Use cleanLABTM disinfectant products for its excellent safety profile as well as proven effectiveness for killing nasty hardy germs and improve family health, reducing sickness in the community.

  • "The first thing that caught my interest was how easy it appeared to be to use the CLEANLAB EZ GRIP, and it has proven to be so. There is now a noticeable difference in our toilets, it has eliminated distinctive odours and a quick wash helps to eradicate any trace when needed. Washing toys is now also efficient and time saving. After washing off dirt, we just rinse with the solution. Also, May has been a tremendous help with her knowledge and has given practicable advice on what is really effective in different products. We are convinced that CleanLab is the right products for our needs."
    Wendy The Preparatory Place
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