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Animal Facilities

Ever been plagued by animal odours, hygiene worries and fears of your pet spreading disease to other pets and even young children?

Do you run an animal veterinary clinic and spend a large budget on disinfectants, manpower and down time from cleaning?

Have you tried all the pet safe disinfectants only to find that your cost of sanitizing keeps going up but the work does not get easier?

For owners of animal centres including dog spas, daycare centres, pet hotels concerned about animal health epidemics especially in hot, humid tropical weather like Singapore, cleanLABTM EZ Grip and Compact Inline dispensers are designed just for you! The patented dispensers are designed to release a steady and optimal powerful jet of microbes destroying hypochlorous acid water, at the same time safe even if water directly touches the animals.  cleanLABTM technology does not compromise pet safety with efficacy.  Highly recommended by United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization for its complete action on disease causing pathogens in food processing, Hypochlor tablet in cleanLABTM has an instantaneous germicidal effect without damaging the delicate cellular layers of fresh product, plants and animals. 

All animal lovers want a clean and safe home for their pets.  To get the best of animal health, use cleanLABTM EZ Grip for it is Safe, Non-toxic, Food-grade and Kills odours which attract flies and pests to wounds! Yes, there have even been reports of wounds healing faster, and epidemics halted from the unique Hypochlor tablet in cleanLAB.

Are you experiencing a spike in bacterial or virus problems like Leptospirosis in your animal facility? 
cleanLABTM ensures daily cleaning operations achieve complete hygiene with ease, meaning sanitizing and disinfecting work done in minutes for bloody, contaminated kennels or cages filled with animal wastes and even diagnosis equipment.  cleanLABTM has been widely used in stringent environments like Poultry Facilities and has 45 years of track record in achieving highly demanding food hygiene standards while improving operational efficiency at the same time.  

cleanLABTM uses patented calcium hypochlorite cartridges. All refill tablets are encased in its own unique casing and refilling is done by simply inserting a new tablet or cartridge. At no point does anyone need to come in direct contact with the chemical and worry about long term toxic effects on health. When cleanLABTM disinfects for health, we do that in the most ergonomic and health-friendly manner as well.  cleanLABTM is all about improving hygiene for health and cleaning for health in a safe and sustainable manner!

cleanLABTM rocks in being mobile and easy to set up!

  • Kills bacteria and viruses (including Canine Parvo) instantly and not just halt the growth
  • Removes mold and algae with regular use
  • Sanitizes equipment and facilities
  • 1 step cleaning & disinfecting of kennels, cages and equipment
  • Value for money, little maintenance and anyone can use safely
  • Protection is key - Safe for animals and you with no burning nor corrosive effects

 Anyone can use cleanLABTM as our vision is to enable Complete Hygiene In Your Hands!